Ethihub is very proud of our artisans who have all been hand-picked from Southern India. 

Meet Kanimar

The idea for Ethihub first came about from meeting the team at Kanimar, hearing their story, and seeing the incredible hand-embroidery that they do. The ladies from Kanimar are from the Irula Tribal people in Tamil Nadu, a very poor, marginalized group, mostly without access to basic rights or schooling.

Just a few short years ago, these ladies began to learn hand-embroidery under the direction of John Degler who set up Kanimar. The aim of Kanimar was to give these ladies a new skill, an opportunity to work flexibly from home and help them support their families.

As their talent, determination and pride in their work quickly became evident, they needed some help with sharing their work to a wider audience. Thus Ethihub was founded as a platform for  Kanimar and similar artisans to showcase for ethically-made, fairly-traded accessories. Kanimar's range of products includes cushion covers, tote bags, and zipped pouches. Each piece of embroidery is a one-of-a-kind design by the artisan maker and is typically inspired by Kolam (rangoli) patterns of the local region.

Ethihub helps Kanimar to grow their business and also to help the children of their communities to gain an education. Every time you choose a Kanimar product, you are making a big difference. You are helping ladies like Kavita to create a better future for their families: 

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Meet Wellpaper

The ladies at Wellpaper are based in Auroville, Southern India. They make a beautiful range of eco-friendly art pieces and accessories made from recycled newspaper and magazines. Their growing range of products includes coasters, pen pots, placemats and Christmas Tree decorations. The ladies make by hand each product and also add their own hand-painted designs to some pieces using organic colours. 

The Wellpaper centre is a beautiful place to work. It's a very simple open structure which allows a gentle natural cooling breeze to flow through the space while being protected from the sun overhead by a simple roof. The ladies all hail from the local villages and happily complete their work at their own pace throughout the day. They take pride in carefully making each item and adding their own artistic finish to select pieces. Your support of Wellpaper helps them to secure their jobs and offer more employment to ladies from the local rural area.

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Meet Sund'art

Sund'art makes a colourful range of accessories using stylish, quality fabrics. Founded and led by Sundar, a tailor based in Pondicherry, Sund'art also employs a small team of ladies who are based either in the charming shop or work on making the accessories from their home.

Their growing range of products includes reversible totes, pencil cases, pouches, and aprons for adults and children. Each product is cleverly designed by the talented Sundar who demonstrates his innovative skills in the clever designs and high-quality of the finished pieces.

Sund'art aims, with your support, to be able to offer more fairly-paid employment to ladies who wish to work flexibly from home around the needs of their families. 

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