Welcome to Ethihub

My idea for Ethihub came about after meeting many talented artisans on my regular visits to Southern India. Although they were designing and making beautiful products, often in very poor conditions, they needed some help with finding customers to sell them to. So I decided to do something to try to help them out.

 After a little research, I created an ethical hub - Ethihub - for these inspiring makers to showcase their designs and sell them to customers for fair prices. I now sell their lovely products both online and at selected craft markets. The products are proving very popular because customers are loving the beautiful quality and unique designs. Going forward, I plan to support the artisans further and help them in a number of ways. This means that you can be part of the Ethihub story too. Every time you buy one of our products, you are helping the artisan who made it to support their families and grow their business.

Our featured suppliers include:
Hand-embroidery by the Irula Tribal artists near Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. Each artist works from home, creating a unique intricate Rangoli design for every product she makes.
Find out more at www.kanimar.com

Accessories to brighten up your home made from recycled newspaper by women from villages around Auroville in Tamil Nadu. THE “Well” in “Wellpaper” stands for ”Women Empowered through Local Livelihood”. 
Find out more at https://www.wellpaper.org​

Gifts in cheerful fabrics made by the talented tailor, Sundar and his hand-picked team of seamstresses in Pondicherry and the nearby villages. 
 Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/SUNDart-Tailor-Handicraft

Thank you so much for choosing Ethihub.  Buy some of our beautiful products by our inspiring makers today - they'll make you feel good and do lots of good too.

Happy shopping!

Caroline Keane
Founder, Ethihub